No one wants to think about time slipping through their fingers, but with the holiday season less than two months away, and the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to start thinking about your travel goals for 2019. Maybe your goal is to finally use up all of those vacation days this year to book that bucketlist trip, or maybe you want to make your trips more meaningful by doing some voluntouring or visiting an animal sanctuary. Or perhaps there’s a solo adventure on the horizon that you’ve been saving hard for but need a little extra guidance to put on those finishing touches. If you’re determined to make 2019 the year of travel, here are some unique travel goals to think about for 2019:

travel goals 2019

City Escapes for Local Events 

Instead of taking that long-haul, overseas trip, consider staying close to home and getting and soaking up a little local culture by planning a city escape around a particular event. North America is teeming with fantastic festivals, sports events and concert options such as the Sundance Festival in Utah happening January 24 – February 3, 2019; The Quebec Winter Carnival taking place February 8 – February 17; And Comic Con in Las Vegas July 18 – 21, 2019. Budget a few extra days on either side of the event and experience a city that might not otherwise be on your radar.

travel goals 2019

Plan a Double Couples Trip 

How many times have you checked out your bestfriend’s Instagram and felt a little envious of their latest couples trip? Don’t be. Make it a travel goal in 2019 to plan an unforgettable double-couples trip and see why travelling with other couples is something you should have done years ago. The secret to a successful trip is time division. Make sure each couple gets their own time, then assign time for besties to split off, and then have some fun group activities to create those epic memories.

travel goals 2019


To say that being a mom is stressful is the understatement of the century. Millennia. Honestly, there probably needs to be a new word for it. Think about how amazing you feel after a couple of hours at the spa. Or how re-charged feel when you get a proper night’s sleep. Now, imagine you’re getting that for two or three nights in a row! We realize that leaving Dad or whomever at the helm for too long could spell disaster, but 2019 should be your year to carve out a few days of nothingness for yourself. Be it a quick trip to Napa for a winecation with the girls, a short 3-day cruise or a couple of days at a luxury hotel a few hours away from home. Relaxing, recharging, and doing something for yourself should be one of your travel goals for 2019.

travel goals 2019

Take a Mindful/Wellness Holidays 

Sometimes traveling in and of itself can feel stressful. Traffic, the busyness of the airport, the pressure to squeeze as much sightseeing into your itinerary as humanly possible so you don’t end up with a case of “I wish I had done that” when you get home. But in truth, you can never see everything. It’s impossible. What is possible is slowing things down, taking a deep breath, finding balance, reconnecting and going on a Wellness holiday. One of our partners, G Adventures , offers a soul-soothing portfolio of itineraries that focus on three pillars: Mindfulness, Movement and Nourishment. Travellers are invited to ” re-centre yourself with yoga practices and optional meditation sessions led by expert instructors ready to teach all levels of abilities.”

travel goals 2019

Special Interest Private Group Travel 

Maybe you’re an individual with a passion for cooking, love the idea of a culinary tour, but travelling in a large group really doesn’t appeal to you. For some, it can take away from experiencing a destination authentically. However, maybe solo travel is also not quite what you had in mind. What if you could travel with fellow cooking enthusiasts, but in a group with less than 15 people? Private small group travel is one of the fastest growing types of travel, for myriad reasons. It allows travellers to be social and make connections, experiencing a destination from the inside out, and in many cases, expanding on their love of a particular interest. Can’t find a small group itinerary that works? Approach members of your club, network, or special interest group and we will customize a trip just for you!

Hopefully this quick inspiration guide will help you lay out some travel goals for 20109. Remember, the Tripzter Team is always standing by to design and curate the perfect trip for you, your loved ones, your private small group and anyone else you want to bring along on your next adventure.