REASON #12 Privacy

A common request we hear from our clients over and over again is the desire to avoid large crowds. We don’t always want to feel like we’re on holiday with everyone else. Villas are generally detached private properties that allow you to enjoy the benefits of private space for you and your group.

booking a villa

REASON #11 No Rowdy Neighbours 

How many times have you been woken up overly-chatty neighbours, screaming children (who are not your own), or merely the echoes of poorly constructed hallways? No one wants to go on holiday and come back with bags under their eyes – A villa means no unwanted disturbances from other guests.

REASON #10 No Crappy Flight Schedules 

One of the worst things about booking an all-inclusive are the inconvenient charter schedules. Who wants to start the first day of their holiday camping out in the lobby of a resort at 4am because their room isn’t ready? Renting a villa means you can either make use of all those points you’ve been saving up, or have a advisor find you a convenient flight schedule so you arrive as refreshed as possible.

REASON#9 No Shared Transfers 

The other inconvenient part of a packaged holiday is feeling like herded cattle the moment you touch down at the airport. Booking a private villa means you have the option of arranging private transport to and from the airport, no more stopping at multiple stops along the way.

booking a villa

REASON #8 Ample Room For Everyone 

Most hotel rooms can only accommodate up to a maximum of 5 people, without the guarantee of adjoined rooms, or even being on the same floor. Booking a villa means everyone gets their own room, and their own comfortable bed.

REASON #7 No Bothersome Holiday Reps or Entertainment Directors 

There’s nothing worse than settling down poolside only to have the entertainment director or holiday rep cast a shadow over your chair to ask if you want to participate in some water aerobics, or book an excursion to who-knows-where. Villa life means relaxation, and activities at your own pace.

REASON #6 Personally Stocked Kitchens 

Resort food has come along way in terms of variety and freshness, but it’s still mass quantities of food, produced on an assembly line of sorts, and left out during meal times. Most villas provide the option to pre-stock the kitchen (for a fee) with locally sourced produce. You can enjoy whipping up locally inspired meals, or have a chef prepare them for you.

REASON #5 Get Up When You Want

There’s nothing more annoying than having to get up early to race for breakfast at the crack of dawn and missing it because you had the cheek to want to sleep in on your own holiday. Booking a villa means all meals, including the most important one of the day, happen on your time, whether that’s just after sunrise, or noontime.

booking a villa

REASON #4 Host Your Own Parties 

Have you ever been to a wedding or family reunion at a resort? Being in one resort may seem convenient, but it’s  a logistical nightmare when everyone is spread out amongst various buildings. And if you all want to gather somewhere together, your options are limited. Private villas offer plenty of indoor and outdoor entertainment space, along with generous kitchen facilities so you can host your own private gatherings without strangers milling about.

REASON #3 Traveling With Children is Easier 

Family-friendly resorts are wonderful, but it still means you have to share amenities with other families, be it the kiddie pool, over-crowded kids clubs or over-used beach toys. Many villas come with plenty of family friendly amenities such as inflatable pool toys, children’s DVDs, children’s games and more. If you need a break, childcare and nanny services are often available.

booking a villa

REASON #2 Extra Security 

Resort theft is more common than we’d like to admit, be it having your valuables taken poolside, or worse, having your things taken from the so-called-privacy of your room. The added privacy of villa life means no strange crowds milling about, and personalized security services that are included in the cost of your villa.

REASON #1 Fantastic Value

Villas can be extremely cost effective, especially for large families and groups. Booking a resort package means per person costs can be high and you’re often paying for amenities you may not use. Large groups and families can save mega bucks and luxuriate themselves by booking a villa instead of a resort or hotel.

booking a villa

The objections (and misconceptions) to conventional cruising are endless, and to be honest, as an independent traveler myself, cruising was never been my preferred method of travel. But after a family cruise to Alaska, it made me appreciate why travelers love cruising. Dining like royalty, being rocked to sleep every night, exploring a new port every day – It’s exciting. But if you’re like me and love the idea of seeing the world from its oceans and waterways, but doing it with 2500 people makes your wanderlusting heart palpitate, I have a solution; Tap into your inner ‘un-ness’ and set sail on an UnCruise

UnCruise is an American based small ship adventure company that focuses on culture, conservation, and emphasizes the importance of celebrating our ‘un-ness’. So what does that mean exactly?

The ability to To break away from the masses. Challenge. Freely used to release, exemplify, or intensify a force or quality. To engage, connect, and explore unique places, oneself, and with others on a most uncommon adventure.

Sound a bit more up your alley? Yeah, me too. If you’ve ever dreamed of going on an epic expedition, but never envisioned doing it on a floating city, this is a cruise company you may want to get to know.

The UnCruise Introduction

What if, instead of lining up with thousands of other passengers, someone personally greeted you before you stepped on board, took your bags and showed you to your cabin to settle in? Cruising with somewhere between 22 and 88 passengers (depending on the itinerary) means you get to enjoy a level of personal service you won’t find on the large ships. Once you’re all settled into your cabin, a crew member will escort you around your new floating home. You might be might be surprised not only by the array of amenities on board, but all the little extras like mounted cameras so you can watch flora and fauna play beneath the ship. An an open bridge policy means nautical fanatics get to mingle with the Captain and First Mates. And a kayak launch platforms allow for impromptu excursions.

Flexible Itineraries 

Because of their size, a traditional cruise ship itinerary runs on a strict schedule, leaving very little room for flexibility. But we all know Mother nature doesn’t exist in stasis, and whether it’s bumpy weather, a playful pod of Orcas, or an impromptu visit from a local conservationist, UnCruise leaves plenty of room in their itineraries for the unexpected. While on a trip with the Wilderness Explorer, a client of mine encountered a mother Grizzly teaching her two cubs how to salmon fish along the shores of Glacier Bay National Park. They were enroute to a small village, but the ship’s captain decided this was worth the deviation. It was an experience she wouldn’t have had on a larger ship, and one she’ll never forget. 

Wining & Dining 

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to have a personal chef, the dining experience on board UnCruise will you show you what you’ve been missing. Thoughtful, handcrafted meals are prepared daily by on-board executive chefs, showcasing local flavours, paired with hand selected wines. And the best part? Unlike traditional cruises, your wine, spirits and specialty coffees are included in your cruise fare.

Where Can You Take UnCruise

You can explore the following destinations:

  • Alaska
  • Columbia & Snake Rivers
  • Galapagos
  • Hawaiian Islands
  • Costa Rica & Panama
  • Mexico’s Sea of Cortes
  • Pacific North West

Unplug & Get Connected 

Connect with nature, connect with others, connect with yourself. Chat with locals and experience local culture.  Connect with nature by exploring pristine shorelines, explore underwater worlds, feel the power of a calving glacier up close. Every itinerary promises to show you something you’ve never seen, shows you how to participate rather than just observe adventure, and reminds you of what it means to be an explorer. 

Family Fun

The Family Discoveries program aboard UnCruise welcomes families with children eight years old and above to experience a special kind of family holiday:

Our Family Discoveries program celebrates the curiosity and wonderment of kids-at-heart of every age. And while we don’t offer adult-free play zones and there are no babysitting services, everyone learns while having fun—think summer camp for the entire family.

Mud face painting shore side with the grandparents, father-daughter stand-up paddle board sessions, mother-son snorkeling sessions with playful aquatic mammals, UnCruise provides the perfect opportunity for families to connect and create irreplaceable memories.

Okay, I’m Convinced – But What do the Critics Say? 

Look, no cruise company is perfect, and like any tour company, hotel or airline, it’s smart to research the ratings. With a rating of 89% on the cruise industries foremost authority on cruise experiences (Cruise Critic), UnCruise gets an “A” for passenger experience, level of service, and quality of their itineraries. And if you’re still not so sure, last year they took home the Trip Advisor Award for Best Adventure Cruise Line in 2015.

Whether you’re an avid cruiser, a newbie or an adventure traveler looking to explore some of the most beautiful oceans and rivers in the world, UnCruise promises small ships with big adventures.